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(NOTE: As of August 2021, we are not longer accepting submissions or materials for review) 

What We’re Looking For

Represent a writer? Are you a writer? A cartoonist? Got a detective novel, a collection of short stories of noir fiction or comics/graphic novel? Are you the author of a true crime novel? Get in touch with us here at The Means At Hand to get your material reviewed.

How To Submit

Email us at, with “Review Submission Pitch” in the subject line and let us know, in a short paragraph, who you are, with a brief bio and two to three sentences telling us about what the work’s about. If you have pre-written promotional email material, include that instead.

Include links to where and how we can purchase your material, as well as any links for yourself (or the author you represent). If your material is in the pre-release stage, please also let us know a date that release embargoes are up AS WELL AS when the material is available for sale.

We’ll be responding within a month or so, six weeks at the latest. If we decided we want to look at it, we will let you know to send in the material. Please don’t just send in material (digitally) without approval.

Digital Or Physical?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? We here at The Means At Hand, we honestly prefer physical copies of review material, mostly because we (myself, Costa Koutsoutis) cannot read screens too long for stretches of a time. However, it’s the 21st century, so digital promotional copies can be sent if no physical copies are available.

If you’re sending us digital material, please make sure it’s formatted in .JPG (if it’s comics) or a digital platform that can be read on either a laptop or a digital device like a tablet.

What We’re Not Looking For

Well I’ll be honest, it’s hard to say. As of right now the site is run entirely by one person (Costa Koutsoutis) and I do the majority of the writing, so the site reserves the right to refuse to do submissions based on a few parameters;

  • It’s not really what we’re looking for/not fitting in with the overall theme of the site’s mission of what we want to discuss and how when it comes to crime fiction and true crime.
  • The workload here has gotten too much and we cannot guarantee that the submitted material will be addressed within a reasonable amount of time, usually within a year.

What Not To Do

  • Please don’t ask us to review your material on Amazon or Goodreads after we’ve written about it/reviewed it. Our post is the review.
  • Don’t ask us to return review material if it’s physically sent in, we’re not doing that.
  • We won’t respond to emails “checking in” with us about “when it’s going up” or “if we got to it”. We’ll confirm when physical copies arrive/digital emails are received.
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