“Inibi Silentium” (A Note on Silence)

In which we apologize for the lack of work…


Hey there, it’s been a while.

We, and by which I mean I, would like to apologize. THE MEANS AT HAND, at one point a project trying to run at full-steam with essays and papers and fiction regularly, appears to have fizzled out, and honestly we have only ourselves to blame. And by ourselves, I mean me, Costa Koutsoutis.

The last year and a half have been a mess of work and stress from the world. In it, I’ve been teaching a lot, writing a lot, but also, not being able to really focus on every creative writing outlet that I have going on. As 2020 winds down and 2021 looms ahead, my writing is continuing to drift away from here. So I just wanted to say something formally about it here.

This has been a project of love, and in this day and age that tends to mean a bunch of work for not a lot of feedback or compensation, but it’s done anyway so that art can somehow find a place to exist. And right now, I, the one person who runs this, just cannot find the time to do much these months.

At some point we will be back, and we will always be interested in noir and crime fiction beyond dead girls and violent crimes done by hard men. Until then…have a drink on us. I think we all deserve it.

A Glass of Bourbon Whiskey

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